Competition rules


Poznań, 7-11 December 2022




XVI Kazimierz Wiłkomirski International Youth Cello Competition will take place on 7-11 December 2022 in Poznań. All stages of the competition will take place in Tadeusz Szeligowski 1st Level Music School in Poznań, and will be open to the public.


I Aims

  1. Exchange of artistic experiences between young cello players and teachers from various countries.
  2. Motivation and promotion of talented young musicians.
  3. Promotion of Kazimierz Wiłkomirski’s music, and spreading the knowledge of his life and oeuvre.


II Organisers

  1. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
  2. The City of Poznań
  3. Tadeusz Szeligowski 1st Level Music School in Poznań


III Jury

  1. The Jury, called by the Director of CEA, will include:

leader: prof. Rimantas Armonas


prof. Urszula Marciniec-Mazur AM Wrocław

prof. Justus Grimm

prof. Zdzisław Łapiński AM Kraków

dr hab. Tomasz Lisiecki AM Poznań

  1. The Jury will assess the quality of the participants’ interpretations following its own, internal guidelines


IV Participants

  1. The competition will be divided into three age groups:
  • 1st group – up to 13 (born after 31/12/2008)
  • 2nd group – up to 15 (born after 31/12/2006)
  • 3rd group – up to 17 (born after 31/12/2004)


  1. The winners of the previous competitions cannot be part of the same age group in the current competition.
  2. Younger participants can join an older group, provided they will perform works from the prescribed programme.


V Application procedure

The candidates must fill an online application form and submit it with a live performance recording before 16/10/2022.

  1. To send an application to the 16th Kazimierz Wiłkomirski Youth International Cello Competition, please follow the instructions below:
    • Download the APPLICATION FORM
    • Fill out the interactive form using your computer
    • Print the completed form, collect the necessary signatures and then send it to the following address:
    • Send the recordings using WeTransfer and fill form fields:
      Email to –
      Your email – email used in the application form
      Title – name and surname of the contestant
  2. The application should be accompanied by one or two video recording files. It is permissible to record each of the required works separately. Each work should be recorded in its entirety. The recording should be in HD quality. The file names should contain the candidate’s name and the work’s title.
  3. The following works should be recorded and submitted:
  • 1st group – an etude and a slow sonata movement (for Vandini’s sonatas, the entire work)
  • 2nd group – an etude and a slow sonata movement
  • 3rd group – an etude and a slow sonata movement
  1. The candidates will be assessed on the basis of the recordings by a team of musicians selected by the Organisers.
  2. A list of selected participants will be published on the competition website by 30/10/2022.
  3. The selected participants will be required to send a printed, signed copy of the PDF application card generated earlier, no later than 10/11/2022, to the following address:

Poznańska Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Muzyczna I st. nr 2
ul. Bydgoska 4, 61-127 Poznań

8. A fee of 25 EURO (for international participants only) should be paid before 10/11/2022 to the following account:

Towarzystwo im. Tadeusza Szeligowskiego
ul. Bydgoska 4, 61-127 Poznań
IBAN: PL70 9043 1070 2070 0059 4408 0001

9. The fee will not be refunded if the participant resigns.

10. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered. The final participant list will be uploaded to the competition website by 15/11/2022.


VI Auditions

  1. In the 1st group, the competition will be single-stage, while in the 2nd and 3rd group it will proceed in two stages. The auditions will be held in front of an audience, and will proceed in alphabetical order starting from a letter randomly chosen by the Organiser Board.
  2. The participants will report to the Competition Office and produce a proof identity, at least one hour before the scheduled time of participation in the first stage of the competition.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to change the order of the auditions within a single day for organisational or promotional reasons. In the case of an appropriately documented illness, a participant can be given permission to perform outside the agreed schedule, at the end of a given stage. Should this happen, the new order will be followed until the end of the competition.
  4. The participants will perform with their own accompanists or cellists playing the basso continuo. In individual, objectively justified cases, the organisers can hire musicians to support a participant with accompaniment and basso continuo.
  5. At each stage, all works must be played by heart.
  6. A detailed audition schedule will be published on the competition website after the participant list is finalised.


VII Prizes

  1. The first three winners selected by the jury will be awarded monetary prizes, and special prizes.
  2. A special prize will be awarded for the best performance of a work by Kazimierz Wiłkomirski.
  3. The competition will be concluded by a laureate concert, the programme of which will be designated by the Jury. Participation is compulsory and will not be paid for.
  4. All participants will receive a Participation Diploma.
  5. The jury decisions are final and cannot be questioned.


VIII Other

  1. The Organizer has the right to record the competition for radio and TV, without paying the participants. No private recordings of any of the stages of the competition are permitted.
  2. The participants should make their own living arrangements.
  3. The participants should investigate whether they will need a visa to visit Poland. The Organiser can offer an appropriate invitation if needed.
  4. Any organisational issues falling outside the competences of the Jury will be decided by the Headmaster of POSM2. His decisions will be final.
  5. Additional information is available from the competition office, located in Tadeusz Szeligowski 1st Level Music School in Poznań, Bydgoska 4.
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